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A project of Our America Initiative

With the help of concerned individuals like yourself, which is a DBA of Our America Initiative although not a plaintiff, is proud to help finance the lawsuits and advocacy activities to change the Presidential debates through its fundraising efforts and to support the plaintiffs and their lawyers in other ways.

The Coalition for Fair Presidential Debates

"Hammer of Truth supports a free and open marketplace of ideas and discourse in shaping policy. We believe there is great promise in Fair Debates' effort to challenge the stranglehold by Republican and Democrat establishments under the guise of the Commission on Presidential Debates." – Stephen VanDyke

“The American people have the right to hear from the full spectrum of their choices, so we can begin to secure a government that is truly of, by and for the people!” 

– Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Nominee 2012 

“While a majority of voters clearly are not satisfied with their ‘major party’ choices, they are also vulnerable to the perception, institutionalized by the Republicans and Democrats, that those are their only real choices. The debates are a big part of that perception, and the news media plays along.“

– Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee 2012 

"Voters deserve the ability to hear from all candidates, not just the front-runners as determined by media polls which usually don't include any candidates other than the two pre-determined front-runners."
- Darryl W. Perry, Owner/Managing Editor Free Press Publications

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FairDebates is a DBA of Our America Initiative which is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee that may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to FairDebates are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. FairDebates, although not a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates, is proud to help finance the lawsuit through its fundraising efforts and to support the plaintiffs and their lawyers in other ways.

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"Let the American people decide who they want to vote for without partisan Politics involved.  Let the people hear and decide for themselves who is best to represent them at all levels of Government.  We stand for Equality for All, Special Privileges For None!"  –  Sam Bushman