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With the help of concerned individuals like yourself, which is a DBA of Our America Initiative although not a plaintiff, is proud to help finance the lawsuits and advocacy activities to change the Presidential debates through its fundraising efforts and to support the plaintiffs and their lawyers in other ways.

FairDebates is a DBA of Our America Initiative which is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee that may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to FairDebates are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. FairDebates, although not a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates, is proud to help finance the lawsuit through its fundraising efforts and to support the plaintiffs and their lawyers in other ways.

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Learn the history of the Presidential Debates and share it with others.  Sometimes people just need to see that something has been going on way too long and then they'll decide it's time to get involved. 

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Contributing information in the comments section on relative articles around the web. Setting up a google alert for "Commission on Presidential Debates" will help you stay up to date on the most recent articles to comment on. 

Inviting others to visit to learn more.

Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.  Explain how the official Presidential Debates should include all electable candidates, why the polling criteria is unfair, and how they can help compel the CPD to remove the polling criteria.  Invite them to visit this website to learn more. 

Sign the Petition and join our email list so that you can be kept up to date on the latest news about the Presidential Debates rule change proposal.  Encourage others to sign the Petition too - share the link!  

Spread the word by following us on social media and sharing our posts.  Talk about it. Most Americans still don't know the presidential debate game is rigged, how it's rigged or who is rigging it.  Invite your friends here to to learn more.

Write the CPD.  Considering that the two parties have been controlling this game via the CPD since the 1980's, it's unlikely they'll change just because you say so, but you could let the CPD know that you're on to their game and you don't like it.  They are taking comments here through July 10, 2015:

Write the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  Tell them you want Fair Debates which include all candidates who achieve the ballot access required to mathematically win the Presidential Election.  Explain how this can be achieved by simply removing the bizarre polling criteria that requires candidates to achieve a score in polls that don't even include their names.

By contributing to help fund the lawsuit to compel the CPD to remove ONE unfair rule. The two parties are not going to surrender their power unless they have to. 58% of Americans agree that the two parties are not serving America.  We all agree - we need FAIR DEBATES now.   Please invest in this historical fight by contributing today.  Every dollar counts.

Here's how YOU can help open the debates:

Now that you know the "official" Presidential Debates are run by a private organization comprised of representatives from ONLY the two major parties; and that candidate participation in the debates is dependent upon achieving a score in polls that don't even have to include all the electable candidates names ...

Are you ready to take back your elections? 

Let's work together to compel the Commission on Presidential Debates to remove the polling criteria and permit access to any candidate who achieves the ballot access required to mathematically win the election.

Press Release and Copy of #FairDebates Lawsuit. 

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