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With the help of concerned individuals like yourself, which is a DBA of Our America Initiative although not a plaintiff, is proud to help finance the lawsuits and advocacy activities to change the Presidential debates through its fundraising efforts and to support the plaintiffs and their lawyers in other ways.

FairDebates is a DBA of Our America Initiative which is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee that may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to FairDebates are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. FairDebates, although not a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates, is proud to help finance the lawsuit through its fundraising efforts and to support the plaintiffs and their lawyers in other ways.

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Wondering what else can YOU do in the fight for Fair Debates?

The petition will be used to demonstrate the amount of collective support for Fair Debates' proposal that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) be required to eliminate the unfair polling threshold from their criteria for participation in the official Presidential Debates.  The debates would then include only candidates who are mathematically able to win the election. Signing this petition implies your permission to present your support to the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) and/or the CPD.

How will this petition be used?


It is just wrong that a majority of Americans are not represented in the presidential debates.  I am demanding the basic fairness America deserves.

We want the Commission on Presidential Debates to eliminate the unfair polling criteria because independent and third party candidates' names are excluded from the majority of popular polls causing 0% scores for them in the poll results.

Rather than picking and choosing exclusive polls to decide who can participate in the official Presidential Debates, we want the Commission on Presidential Debates to allow participation in the debates by any candidate who is constitutionally eligible to run and has qualified for enough states’ presidential ballots to have a mathematical chance of being elected.  

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Everyone knows you can't score anything in polls that OMIT your name.

Debates are the one element of modern campaigns and elections that should be immune to unfair advantages based upon funding and political party structure. Yet, the private Commission on Presidential Debates, created in 1987 by the Democratic and Republican parties, has created a debate duopoly that makes it virtually impossible for candidates other than the Republican and Democratic nominees to participate.  

This exclusion is accomplished by applying criteria for participation -- agreed to between the two "major" parties -- that include a requirement that a candidate be polling at 15% in arbitrarily-selected national surveys. The Fair Debates Project believes this requirement to be not only unfair, but illegal.  Any candidate who is 1) qualified to be President under the Constitution and 2) has qualified for enough states' ballots to receive at least 50% of Electoral College votes should be included. Those requirements alone would insure that participation will be limited to only the most serious candidates.

The vast majority of Americans who rely on the nationally-televised Presidential Debates to help make their voting decisions have no idea that the "official" General Election debates are, in fact, productions of a private, nongovernmental organization comprised of representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties who exercise complete and exclusive control over the process.  But now YOU KNOW.  So get involved.  With polls showing that “independent” voters now constitute a majority of the American electorate, this duopoly simply isn’t fair -- and must be changed.  

Join the fight for Fair Debates!  Support the excluded 2012 candidates - Jill Stein and Gary Johnson - their campaigns, the Green and the Libertarian parties to fight for Fair Debates for ALL future presidential candidates.  Your donation to help fund the CPD lawsuit could be the single most important contribution you make to our future in the United States of America.