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Two parties dominate our elections because THEY control the Presidential debates using arbitrary polling criteria to exclude all other parties and independents. They even sign an agreement not to participate in any other debates to create the impression that only their debates matter. The secret is out, but there’s not much talk from the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) about changing it. Considering that the CPD was created by and is comprised of leadership from those two parties, it’s unlikely they will change anything until the pressure to do so is so great that they have no other choice.

So, who will apply that pressure? We the People, that’s who.

A complaint was filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) in September 2014. After no signs of progress for nine months, a lawsuit was filed to compel the FEC to act on the complaint on June 22, 2015. In July 2015, the FEC rejected the request.

The next step is to file a lawsuit against the CPD and an FCC complaint. And after that, a publicity campaign to let ALL the people know: the “official debates” have been monopolized by the two parties who have exclusively occupied the stage for the past twenty years. was created to help organize the effort that We the People must pursue in order to TAKE BACK OUR ELECTIONS. The next steps are going to require a significant investment to be successful, and timing is critical as the 2016 elections are rapidly approaching.

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Two parties dominate your elections because THEY control the rules for participation in the “official” debates

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